Ultrasonic cleaners


Description of Ultrasonic cleaners

Compact ultrasonic cleaners are standard manufacturing program in our company . We do volumes of tanks from 1 to 40 liters. The tanks have wide usage in many categories. For example in machine industry, automobile industry, electrical engineering, optic, jewelry business, watchmakers, medicine, food industry etc.

Ultrasonic cleaner as product consist of two main parts, US generator and US tank. On front side is control panel and tank outlet. Product has in built heating system, which is placed with heat controller on sides of the tank. The US tank is made of stainless steel. Ultrasonic cleaning process control is set continuously by variable timer ranging from 0 to 15 minutes and thermostat for control of heating of the cleaning stuff.

  In the customer specified manufacturing program we offer many types of industrial ultrasonic cleaners and lines. For your machines please feel free contact with us, we will working on the special tasks, design your system and quote the best solution, thanks for our many years technical experiences and support base.

Products in Ultrasonic cleaners

Part Number Image Image Description A B C D E Qty
EU01A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 40W 1L 155 120 80 Add
EU02A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 40W 1,25L 150 137 100 Add
EU03A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 60W 2,5L 240 130 100 Add
EU04A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 150W 4L 300 150 150 Add
EU10A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 300W 10L 300 240 150 Add
EU12A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 300W 12L 324 296 150 Add
EU20A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 350W 20L 500 300 150 Add
EU25A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 400W 25L 500 300 200 Add
EU42A Ultrasonic cleaner, 230V/50Hz, 500W 42L 480 350 245 Add
EUCS160 Ultrasonic cleaner, 480V/50Hz, 2x1000W 160L 750 500 430 Add
Basket for EU up to 42A Basket for all systems, stainless steel, please request for quotation Add
UCF1L Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid, 1L 1L Add
UCF5L Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid, 5L 5L Add
UCF10L Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid, 10L 10L Add
UCF20L Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid, 20L 20L Add
UCF25L Ultrasonic Cleaning Fluid, 25L 25L Add