Oils and greases

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Description of Oils and greases

You can find any type of vacuumpump oils (full synthetic, mineral, PFPE, silicon etc.) and greases for vacuumsystems in our VacuumShop. If you need a different type or not found in this catalog, don't hesitat, please contact with us! Our technical department will answering your questions immediately.

Products in Oils and greases

Part Number Image Image Description A B C D E Qty
VODS191L Agilent DS19 vacuum pump oil, 1L Add
VOA1201L Adixen A120 vacuumpump oil, 1L Add
VOTELS1001L Becker Tellus S100 vacuumpump oil, 1L Add
VODC7045KG DowCorning DC704 Silicon Oil, 5kg Add
VOUG191L Edwards Ultragrade 19 vacuumpump oil, 1L Add
VON621L Leybold N62 vacuumpump oil, 1L Add
VOLVO2101L Leybold, LVO210 vacuum pump oil, 1L Add
VOP31L Pfeiffer Vacuum P3 vacuumpump oil, 1L Add
VOGP1L Varian GP vacuumpump oil, 1L Add