ISO-KF<br />Klamp Flanges & Fittings ISO-K and ISO-F<br />ISO Flanges & Fittings ISO-CF<br />ConFlat Flanges & Fittings

Description of Components

ISO-KF” Klamp Flanges & Fittings:

Designed in accordance with ISO standards the KF flange can be used in a variety of applications from atmospheric pressure to high vacuum. The KF flange is manufactured from 304 stainless steel and has a leak rate less than 1E-9 mbar L/sec and  can be baked to 150 °C when using a Viton O-Ring.

ISO-K” and „ISO-F” ISO Flanges & Fittings:

ISO flanges and fittings are designed for applications requiring frequent disassembly and where tubing requirements  generally exceed 2 in. OD. All ISO flanges and fittings listed are made of 304L stainless steel. These flanges can be used in  a variety of applications from atmospheric to E-8 mbar. They can sustain a bakeout temperature of 150 °C when using Viton  o-rings. In sizes from DN63 to DN1000.

ISO-CF” ConFlat Flanges & Fittings The ConFlat Flanges have set the industry standard for vacuum flange performance. These flanges are available in rotatable and non-rotatable models. VacuumShop utilizes unique  manufacturing processes and techniques to ensure leak-free performance in ConFlat Flanges. Our unbending commitment to quality assures you of trouble-free vacuum performance of the VacuumShop ConFlat Flange. In sizes from DN16 to DN275.